Dear Fellow Patriot,

With anti-gun Republicans and Democrats following the marching orders of Bloomberg gun control groups, Florida Gun Rights must do everything it can to fight back and defend the Second Amendment in 2021.

Please fill out your 2021 Florida Gun Rights Second Amendment Survey letting me know you have my back, and make a generous contribution of $90, $60, or even $30 to help fund this fight RIGHT AWAY.

For Freedom,

Matt Collins
Director of Legislation
Florida Gun Rights


1) Florida citizens should never have to ask government permission to exercise their God-given right of self-defense. It is imperative legislators enact Constitutional Carry and restore the rights of Florida gun owners immediately.

2) The “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation law passed in 2018 is decimating our Second Amendment freedoms. Florida Gun Rights should continue to work with legislators to repeal this draconian legislation that enforces unconstitutional gun seizures without any due process!

3) With an overreaching Biden Administration proposing so-called “Assault Weapons” bans, standard-capacity magazine bans, and Universal Background Checks, Florida must take swift action to protect its citizens from federal gun control.

4) Florida Gun Rights must continue the fight to repeal S.B. 7026, banning military-aged adults from being able to legally purchase a firearm for self-defense. If they’re old enough to fight for our country, they’re old enough to exercise their Second Amendment rights!

5) Municipalities that try to enforce local level gun control must be stopped. Florida must defend our state’s preemption laws that protect law-abiding gun owners from local tyranny!



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